Ukraine & Moldova

Ukraine’s tour was one of my favorite. This land is much different from western europe, people are helpful and nice despite few of them can speak english. Also struggling with cyrillic alphabet it makes everything interesting.

kievortodoxKiev (Ukrainian: Київ – Kyiv, Russian: Киев – Kiev) is the capital and largest city of Ukraine. Expert and curious travelers will enjoy sightseeing thanks to the river Dnieper and hills, plus a mix of orthodox and former soviet culture combined with western influence will complete the visit of this interesting and charming city. Kiev is also very glamour and active in nightlife, with its young population always seeking for fun. There are two interenational airports and plenty of train and bus connections to/from Europe.

Use the Metro to discover the city, station are beautiful and incredibly decorated, spend some time looking at the station’s architecture and mosaics. To access the Metro you have to purchase a plastic token from the cash desk, Kasa (Ukrainian: каса) or from a special ticket machine. One token is valid for one trip, no matter how far you go. Another way to get around is to pick a local private mini-van/collective taxi called “Marshrutky”. When on board, you pay the driver directly or, if you find a seat, pass the money to the nearest passenger who will pass it to the driver. Your change will be returned in the same way. When you are reaching your destination, simply yell out to the driver to stop. It’s something to be tried.

Eating in Kiev (and in the whole country) is cheap if you eat local. My suggestion is to try ‘Puzata Hata‘ an ukrainian self-service chain that offers good food for valued price.


lvivsq Lviv (also spelled L’viv and Львів) is a beautiful western ukraine city strongly influenzed by polish and former austro-hungarian empire. Its historical centre is in the UNESCO list. The central market square reminds the Krakow’s one. Best way to discover the city is by foot and thanks to the free walking tour you can have the best possible guided tour.

Lviv and its citizens are proud of local choccolate and coffee, try them!

Hostels and appartments are the best option for a cheap acommodation in Lviv. As the city is not busted with mass tourist yet, it’s easy to find the perfect option for your stay.

Having fun in Lviv is easy, there is a good number of clubs and pubs. Do not miss Kriyivka, House of Legends and Masok. These are my tips.

Puzata Hata (self-service restaurant chain) is present in Lviv too, do not miss it if you want to eat well and cheap

lvivichurch lvivnight


2013-06-05 09.45.43 Chişinău, capital of Moldova, is a nice city to go and visit for some days, especially during spring and summer.

Interesting story about Moldova is about Transnistria, an eastern region that self declared its independence. A civil war was fought during the first half of 1992. A ceasefire was declared and Transnistria has maintained independence with its own government and currency but is not recognized by any other country.

Moldova is famous for its wines. Visit a wineyard and cellar if you can. Also the typical moldovian landscape consists in vineyards, villages, and farms, which are great for hiking.

Walking around is the best way to visit Chisinau, public transportation is a good option too. Buses and ‘maxi-taxi’ (a private collective transportation). The city is full of parks and people like to meet there, chat, eat, drink and doing sport during the nice seasons.

Where to sleep Trotter’s den

2013-06-05 11.13.24 Visit the open-air city market, it’s big, colorful and busy during the day, it seems like everyone is going there. You can find around it also the mini-bus terminals to other cities and town.

2013-06-05 12.27.17 A classic ‘fast-food’ is the ‘langos’ which are fried dough with either ‘cartofi’ – potatoes, ‘branza’ – cheese, ‘varza’ – cabbage, or ‘ficat’ – liver.

2013-06-04 21.58.38 A very famous is named “Bere Chisinau”. It was awarded with the Nr.1 Gold Medal at the Nuremberg beer competition in 2007, beating German, Czech and others…

2013-06-05 15.27.35 Tiraspol and Transinistria. A day trip to this region/state is necessary if you visit Moldova.

2013-06-05 12.55.18 Take a mini-van from Chisinau’s market. No visa or payment is officially required for EU, Moldovan or US citizens when staying for less than three days, but you must register when crossing the ‘border’. Bribes and other ‘stories’ are not current anymore, just show your registration when you go back to Chisinau.






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